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Equilibrate Balance System in New Jersey

Equilibrium and balance can protect you from many types of injuries, such as falls. At Performance Rehabilitation, a leading physical therapy practice in New Jersey, we use the Equilibrate Balance System at our Totowa and Lafayette offices to assess your equilibrium and balance.

What is the Equilibrate Balance System?

Equilibrate is a web-integrated tool for clinical assessment, therapy and data reference. It combines objective lower and upper body measurements in real time with the experience and judgement of a medical professional to improve the results of patient care.

At Performance Rehabilitation, you will wear a lightweight vest with imaging targets positioned at certain anatomical landmarks while you stand on adjustable, static force plates. The Equilibrate balance system receives input from cameras that target the vest and from the force plates to sense tiny shifts in the center of your body and in frequencies of motion, direction and position. This provides measurable scores of dynamic alignment and sway. It also integrates the combined effect across your entire body to provide an overall balance score.

What are the Benefits and Features of the Equilibrate Balance System?

A few benefits and features of this system are:

  • Equilibrate is optimized for easy use and processing, and therapists can customize exercise routines based on the data that it produces to meet each patient’s specific needs.
  • An entire set of normalized data is utilized to compare the patient who is being assessed with other patients of similar demographic age.
  • Subjectivity is eliminated from the assessment process because the algorithms that the system uses are based purely on mathematical and engineering principles. This removes inconsistency and guesswork from the scoring process.
  • This system is the only technology that incorporates both lower and upper body data into the assessment of the balance. It utilizes dynamic motion capture of certain points on the upper body and combines them with force measurements of the lower body to calculate an overall score.

Physical Therapy Application of the Equilibrate Balance System

Medical professionals can improve clinical examinations and better determine a course of treatment with objective dynamic motion capture of lower and upper body movement. The Equilibrate balance system challenges the dated ways of evaluating and measuring physical balance. This technology provides the medical field with a powerful and unique degree of clarity into balance-related deficiencies. It also provides visual objective output data for patients and insurance companies to review and track their progress.

Physical therapists also benefit from the use of the system because:

  • It gives them evidence-based therapy with objective data.
  • It motivates patients to exercise so that they can see measurable results.
  • Clearly identify and treat the fall-risk patient
  • Concussion baseline testing and post-concussion comparison

Our Equilibrate balance system is an effective diagnostic and treatment tool that enhances patient treatment outcomes. Contact Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey, to schedule your consultation for an Equilibrate balance system assessment.