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Foot Conditions in New Jersey

You depend on your feet for getting around on a day-to-day basis. Foot conditions can impair your ability to walk, enjoy sports and other activities. With offices in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey, Performance Rehabilitation offers diagnostic testing and treatments for common foot conditions.

Understanding Foot Conditions

The foot consists of a complex network of muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones that are sturdy enough to carry the body’s weight, but also prone to numerous diseases and injuries that cause temporary or long-term discomfort.

Pain can affect any area of the foot. While mild pain in the feet often resolves with home treatments such as massages or foot soaking, severe pain requires an evaluation from a physician, especially after someone experiences an injury playing sports or falling down a flight of stairs.

What Causes Pain in the Foot?

Certain medical conditions, injuries or overuse can lead to inflammation in various parts of the foot such as the tendons, ligaments and bones, causing mild to severe foot pain that lasts for days, weeks or months. Tingling, numbness or burning sensations that cause intense pain in the feet indicates that someone has peripheral neuropathy.

What are Common Kinds of Foot Conditions?

The most common causes of mild to severe foot pain are:

  • Surface growths, such as bunions, planter warts, calluses and corns
  • Tumors inside the foot, ankle or toes
  • Tendonitis, an inflammation of the tendons
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome caused by the compression of the tibial nerves
  • Arthritis, such as gout, osteoarthritis, septic or rheumatoid
  • Stress fractures in the foot, ankles or toes
  • Toe deformities, such as mallet toe, hammertoe or claw toe
  • Neuropathy, such as diabetic neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy
  • Bursitis, an inflammation of the bursa
  • Morton’s neuroma, a thickening of sensitive nerve tissue
  • Paget’s disease that causes deterioration of bones in the foot
  • Bone spurs, bony outgrowths inside the foot, especially the heel
  • Flat feet, usually a congenital condition
  • Inappropriate footwear, such as poor support, wrong size or high heels
  • Ingrown toenails, toenails growing into the skin of the feet
  • Osteomyelitis, an inflammation of the bone marrow
  • Complex regional pain syndrome, a chronic pain condition
  • Metatarsalgi, upper foot pain from an injury
  • Plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in the bottom of the foot

When to See a Doctor Regarding Your Foot Pain

There are times when someone should seek medical attention quickly for foot pain, including:

  • Wounds, such as open cuts or cuts oozing pus (Diabetics)
  • Severe swelling of the toes, feet or ankles
  • Warmth around cuts, especially for diabetics
  • Persistent swelling despite home treatment
  • Severe pain that interferes with standing or walking
  • Fever caused by an exterior wound or interior injury
  • Tingling, burning or numbness involving the bottom of feet

Self-Care for Foot Pain

When someone’s foot pain is caused by overuse or injury, it often responds well to cold therapy and rest. It is vital to avoid activities such as extended walking or standing that can increase pain in the feet. Physicians recommend placing ice packs on the feet for 15 to 20 minutes several times throughout the day to reduce swelling and discomfort.

Physicians may also recommend taking over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications that promote healing while relieving the constant pain. Foot pain and stiffness after inactivity or in the morning when waking up is common when someone has a foot problem. Anyone unsure of the cause of chronic foot pain that involves both feet or is experiencing widespread pain should see a physician immediately before trying home remedies, especially if they have diabetes mellitus.  Our physical therapists at Performance Rehabilitation perform a comprehensive examination of the patient’s gait, functional testing, ROM, strength, and special testing to identify the cause of foot pain. Again, the process is interactive and continually asks for the patient’s input to better localize and treat appropriately.

Foot conditions are caused by a variety of injuries and medical conditions. If home care is not alleviating your foot condition, contact the specialists in Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey to schedule a consultation.