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Hand Conditions in New Jersey

You use your hands every day, and you may not appreciate how important they are until you experience the effects of a hand condition. Located in Totowa and Lafayette Township, Performance Rehabilitation is a leading physical therapy practice that helps the residents of New Jersey overcome the effects of the most common hand conditions.

Understanding Hand Conditions

The mechanics of your hands are quite extraordinary. The hand is comprised of delicate bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves that give you the sense of touch and the ability to perform day-to-day tasks. When any one of these structures is damaged or strained, even the most basic tasks are challenging.

Performance Rehabilitation specializes in physical therapy and other treatments for hand conditions. By working with our physical therapists, you regain use of your hands and learn how to avoid hand conditions.

What Causes Hand Conditions?

Hand conditions may be caused by:

  • Trauma
  • Overuse
  • Improper ergonomics
  • Genetic conditions
  • Sports injuries

What are the Symptoms of Hand Conditions?

Common symptoms of hand conditions are:

  • Tingling and numbness
  • Popping and cracking around the joints
  • Locking of the fingers and wrist
  • Dull or sharp pain in the hand, fingers or wrist

What are the Common Kinds of Hand Conditions?

Hand conditions can affect the muscles, joints, bones and nerves. The two most common hand conditions are:

When to See a Doctor About Your Hand Condition

Any type of trauma to your hand requires medical attention. You may be able to use home care for your hand condition if you are experiencing symptoms due to overuse or strain. If you are experiencing a gradual reduction in hand use, or notice continued symptoms after trying home care, you should contact Performance Rehabilitation for a medical evaluation. In some cases, hand conditions worsen without early treatment.

Self-Care for Hand Conditions

Hand conditions that are caused by strain and overuse may be treatable at home. You can apply warm and cold compresses, alternating every 15 minutes. You should also rest your hand, and avoid any activities that may worsen the condition. You can use an elastic bandage to immobilize your fingers, hand, and wrist, and promote healing.

With so many small anatomical structures working in unison, the human hands are amazing tools. If you are suffering from a hand condition, we can help! Contact Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa & Lafayette Township in New Jersey, to schedule a personal consultation with one of our physical therapists.