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Hip Pain in New Jersey

Diagnosing the cause of your hip pain requires an exceptional level of experience and extended knowledge of the hip joint. The physical therapists of Performance Rehabilitation have helped hundreds of men and women in New Jersey with hip pain treatments at our Totowa and Lafayette Township facilities.

What is Hip Pain?

Hip pain is a common condition that may arise from low back dysfunction, a tear of the labrum or cartilage within the hip joint, arthritic changes in the hip, strain to the supporting muscles, or bursitis. Pain from a hip disorder may be felt in the groin, low back, lateral hip, and even the knee. It can be sharp or dull and snapping or popping with pivoting may be experienced. Hip pain is also noted with an acute fracture that may have occurred from fall or from osteoporosis.

What Causes Hip Pain?

The acetabulum and femoral head are lined with a form of cartilage that reduces friction within the joint. The socket portion or the acetabulum is deepened and supported with the labrum — a tough form of cartilage. Over time, this cartilage can tear or become worn, causing pain.

Hip pain may also be “referred” from other bodily areas outside the hip but ultimately affecting the hip itself. Sciatic nerve inflammation from the spinal nerve roots may cause hip pain. Other forms of nerve inflammation can cause hip pain, such as pain from the thigh’s lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that can become impinged with weight gain. Pain may also be felt in the hip as the result of an inguinal or a femoral hernia.

What are the Symptoms of Hip Pain?

Depending upon the exact cause of hip pain, the discomfort may be felt in the:

  • Inside of the hip joint
  • Outside of the hip joint
  • Thigh
  • Groin
  • Buttocks
  • Low back
  • Knee

How is Hip Pain Diagnosed?

Your physician may order an x-ray, MRI, or MRA. X-rays can show arthritic changes to bone and the MRI and more specifically, MRA, can show damage to the soft tissue, particularly labral defects that are implicated in many cases of hip pain.

How is Hip Pain Treated at Performance Rehabilitation?

Hip pain is very common not only in the elderly population but in the young athletic population as well. Hip pain and low back pain are often seen together, and physical therapists at Performance Rehabilitation provide a comprehensive orthopedic manual therapy evaluation to determine what is driving the hip and lower back pain. Properly identifying which is the comparable sign or pain generator is essential for successful recovery. Utilizing special tests to help identify if the hip pain is caused by a labrum or cartilage defect in the hip, arthritic in nature, or being referred by nerve root compression in the lumbar spine are just but a few of the differentiations that must be identified to accurately treat the cause. Once identified, the intervention can include joint mobilization to the hip or spine, nerve glides, stretching, and strengthening of the hip and core musculature. Again, utilizing the GravityFit whole body exercise system helps to strengthen the deep core, stabilizing muscle system to provide the powerful platform within our lumbopelvic core so that our movement muscle system can be strengthened for improved functional performance. This helps to prevent and minimize recurrence of injury and pain and allows for better movement and better living. If a surgery is necessary to either repair the hip labrum or replace an arthritic hip, our therapists provide the same skilled evaluation and develop a treatment plan that is specific to the patient and the particular surgery.

Hip pain may cause you to limp or avoid walking completely. Contact Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey, to schedule a consultation and find out how we can help alleviate your hip pain.