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Pain Management in New Jersey

Living with acute or chronic pain keeps you from enjoying your family, friends and lifestyle. Pain management from Performance Rehabilitation in Totowa and Lafayette Township helps the residents of New Jersey regain their quality of life.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is the process of providing medical care that alleviates or reduces pain. Mild to moderate pain can usually be treated with analgesic medications, such as aspirin. For chronic or severe pain, opiates and other narcotics may be used, sometimes in concert with analgesics; with steroids or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs when the pain is related to inflammation; or with antidepressants, which can potentiate some pain medications without raising the actual dose of the drug and which affect the brain’s perception of pain. Narcotics carry with them the potential for side effects and addiction.

As part of a team approach to pain management that can include your doctor, pharmacist, and clinical psychologist, our physical therapists at Performance Rehabilitation work you’re your pain management doctor. Physical therapy can help reduce or eliminate your need for excessive medications. We help you to understand your pain and how to manage it. Every patient is an individual and interprets pain differently. We ensure that the patient is part of the process and work diligently to identify what modalities and treatment techniques will best alleviate pain. This may include joint mobilization, manipulation, massage, stretching, stabilization exercises, low impact cardiovascular exercise, biofeedback, and use of therapeutic modalities of electrical stimulation, TENS, ultrasound, and cold of hot packs.

Benefits of Pain Management

Physical therapy works to manage your pain through reducing joint stiffness, reducing inflammation, increasing the strength and endurance of your muscles, increasing flexibility, and increasing cardiovascular fitness. This allows the body to release natural hormones to make you feel good and promote healing. Our physical therapists at Performance Rehabilitation will also instruct you in how to move better with more biomechanical efficiency and how to position yourself to reduce strain to your body that normally increases your chronic pain.

Physical therapy for pain management is a safe and effective way to promote the body’s self-healing. Our physicians and physical therapists focus on the mechanics of your:

  • Muscles
  • Joints
  • Ligaments
  • Vertebrae
  • Tendons

We also teach you proper body movements and posture to reduce your likelihood of future injuries and strains.

How Can Performance Rehabilitation Help with Pain Management?

We need to move and be upright against gravity to be healthy and functioning properly. The less you move, the worse your symptoms become. The more that you are able to move, especially with safe, guided therapeutic activities, the more that you will be able to accommodate your pain and feel better. To learn more about our pain management services for common conditions, please visit the following links:

When to See a Doctor for Pain Management

Pain is the earliest sign of an injury to your body. Mild pain can be alleviated with at-home care and over-the-counter medications. If you have acute pain or pain that remains for more than two days, we recommend that you be evaluated by one of our physicians. In many cases, patients can avoid much more serious damage to their bodies by seeking early treatment.

Pain management at Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey, reduces your symptoms, ensures proper healing and prevents future damage to your body. Contact us to schedule a personal consultation with one of our experienced pain management physical therapists.