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Shoulder Conditions in New Jersey

As one of the body’s most complex joints, the human shoulder is designed to support the movement of the arms and back. Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township, offers advanced treatments for shoulder conditions to help the residents of New Jersey alleviate pain, and increase mobility.

Understanding Shoulder Conditions

The shoulder is a very mobile joint that is comprised of the humerus, clavicle, and scapula. It also articulates with the thoracic as the scapula-thoracic joint. The shoulder sacrifices stability for this great degree of mobility that is necessary for our everyday function. The rotator cuff muscles work to hold the humerus in place with the glenoid (socket of the scapula). Ligaments also act to hold the glenhumeral joint (GH) and acromioclavicular joint (AC) or outer tip of the shoulder in place. Cartilage in the glenoid act to increase the stabiillty and depth of the GH joint (think of an inverted golf ball on a tee).

What Causes Shoulder Conditions?

Shoulder conditions can be caused by:

  • Overuse overhead activities
  • Strain/sprain
  • Improper mechanics
  • Sports injuries, trauma
  • Trauma
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Dyskinesia

What are the Symptoms of Shoulder Conditions?

Some shoulder conditions do not cause symptoms, or the symptoms may be too subtle to notice. You may have a shoulder condition if you have:

  • Stiffness
  • Dull or sharp pain
  • Popping in the shoulder area
  • Limited range of motion
  • Inability to sleep on affected shoulder
  • Shoulder fatigue or weakness

What are the Common Kinds of Shoulder Conditions?

The two most common kinds of shoulder conditions are the result of inflammation and tears in the rotator cuff or labrum. At Performance Rehabilitation, we diagnose your shoulder condition and provide the recuperative therapies you need to heal.

When to See a Doctor About Your Shoulder Condition

Because the shoulder joint is very complex, we recommend that you be evaluated by one of our physical therapists if you have symptoms that last more than 48 hours. You may just need advice on how to eliminate the provocative activity with improved ergonomics and posture. Or you may need physical therapy to improve joint mobility and restore normal muscle balance within the shoulder and shoulder girdle. Our hands-on special testing helps to identify if there is a need to refer on for an orthopedic surgical consult. Should surgery be indicated, our physical therapists at Performance Rehabilitation work closely with your physician to progress you appropriately after surgery depending on the type of surgery. Communication between our physical therapists and your physician is paramount to your recovery.

Self-Care for Shoulder Conditions

Rest is of utmost importance for self-care of shoulder conditions. You should take measures to limit the use of your arm until the symptoms subside. Heat and ice may help with pain and inflammation.

Physical therapy at Performance Rehabilitation, located in Totowa and Lafayette Township in New Jersey, helps men and women in New Jersey heal their shoulders after injury and strain. If you have pain, discomfort, popping, catching, or other shoulder symptoms, contact us to schedule a personal consultation with one of our physical therapists.